The Music

“The sun went down in honey, the moon came up in wine,
The stars were spinnin’ dizzy, Lord the band kept us so busy,
We forgot about the time.”

John Perry Barlow, from “The Music Never Stopped”

The music of Shady GroOove is a charismatic blend of musical genres from the worlds of rock, blues, funk, Americana, jam, jazz, and classical— conveyed through the melodic voicing’s of violin and keyboards and the rhythmic drive of bass and drums. There’s something for everyone from this unique musical offering. Sit back, chill, and enjoy the sweet melodic passages and improvisational explorations or feel the groove and get up to dance the night away. Either way, Shady GroOove is a musical vehicle that helps one to live in the moment and, indeed, “forget about the time”.


The word “eclectic” is probably the singlemost over-used adjective when describing bands today. In the case of Shady GroOove, the band truly does not fit the mold of any one particular genre. Rather, they select the best musical elements from a diverse blend of artists such as Grateful Dead, Medeski/Martin & Wood, Ryan Adams, Michael Jackson, String Cheese Incident, The Band, Phish, Weather Report, as well as their own contribution of original music. The result is a bold, adventurous style of music that strives to push the envelope while keeping the listener engaged and entertained. For some free SG to download for your use and to share with others, scroll to the bottom of this page.




Some musical samplings:

Help On The Way/Slipknot (Grateful Dead) recorded live at KPOV-88.9 FM, 5-21-16:

Full show recorded live at KPOV-88.9 FM, 5-21-16:

Don’t Ask (written by Patrick Ondrozeck, Shady Grooove):

Billie Jean (written by Michael Jackson):

Cold Roses (written by Ryan Adams):

Roses Are Free (written by Ween):

Chank (written by John Scofield):

Let It Ride (written by Ryan Adams):


Spanish Moon (written by Lowell George of Little Feat) live at Central Oregon Community College, May 20, 2015 :

Green Eyed Lady (written by Jerry Corbetta and Dave Riordan of Sugarloaf) live at Central Oregon Community College, May 20, 2015 :


Free SG Downloads:

Enjoy some of your very own Shady GroOove for the low, low price of $.99 $.59 $.00 each!!!!!! Yes, that’s right folks, enjoy these tasty tunes for FREE! Simply hit the song button, right-click/Save As (or something similar) and, voila, you are ready to share in the GroOove!

Don't Ask

          Billie Jean

                     Cold Roses

                              Roses Are Free


          Let It Ride


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