The Band

Shady GroOove is:

Mike Beaulieu, Bass guitar~Leah Naftalin, Violin
Patrick Ondrozeck, Keyboards~Bode Cavallaro, Drums


Mike Beaulieu


The world of music has been a major factor in Mike Beaulieu’s life for the past 35 years. Bass guitar has been the vehicle of choice while exploring an eclectic mix of musical genres including rock, blues, traditional jazz, funk, country, jam, and all stops in between.

Mike played for 18 years with the legendary Seattle-based band “Kuli Loach”, including gigs with Ann & Nancy Wilson and a concert at Amsterdam’s iconic Paradiso Concert Hall. When not playing with Shady GroOove, Beaulieu provides bass duty for Bend-area bands “StealHead” and “Rising Tide”.

Riding on the musical influences of bass guitar luminaries Phil Lesh, Berry Oakley, and Jaco Pastorius, Mike always attempts to inject a fresh approach and new ideas into each and every song. While performing, his greatest sense of enjoyment is experienced during songs that find the musicians effortlessly locked into each other and the audience locked into the musical journey that ensues. That is when the art of music has truly achieved its goal.


Leah Naftalin





Shady GroOove is Leah’s first official leap into the realm of jam/improv type music, and she’s loving it—the spontaneous, contagious riffs passed around the stage are supreme joy. She considers it an honor to share the stage with this diverse group. She believes that one of the greatest gifts she has experienced over the years is the people she has met through music. Her performances have taken her to stages in Poland, Italy, and to Carnegie Hall. When not “GroOovin” Leah performs as the concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony, teaches violin to the young at heart both privately and at COCC, and adventures around with her husband Dave and their two daughters, Lucy and Tela.

A native of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Leah grew up in a farmhouse amidst the fields of one of the last remaining family dairy farms in York County.  Her mother’s musical influence permeated the entire household, and she and her five siblings each took up instruments as varied as piano, cello, violin, viola, trumpet and flute, and they partook in improv vocal harmonizations of almost any tune. Leah attended the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.  and received her Master of Music degree in Violin Performance (or, as her husband likes to call it, her MVP).      IMG_2725


Patrick Ondrozeck


For Patrick Ondrozeck, music has always been the main focus. By the age of 5 he had already begun to play piano. At 11 years old, drums and percussion became his new areas of focus. A few years later Patrick also began to explore the worlds of the Hammond organ, monophonic synthesizers and vintage electric pianos such as Rhodes and Wurlitzer.


In December 2005 Patrick earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from the University of South Dakota, with an emphasis on percussion while also studying piano.
In his music, Patrick most enjoys playing with a style bridging funk and jazz while also exploring the worlds of prog and psychedelic sound.   04122015_P-TylerOrton_ShadyGrooves_BandPhotos_Bend_OR_883








Bode Cavallaro

BodeBorn in 1955 and raised in Nazareth, PA, Bode grew up as “the times they were a chang’n”. He was fortunate to be raised in a musical family and in a geographical area that enjoyed and promoted music in schools, on college campuses, in the bars and concert venues. Playing for bands during and after High School, they typically had 2 booking agents and played many different gigs including bars, frat parties, private parties, weddings, etc.. A valuable lesson learned from the early years was that bands that played “for”, not “to” the audiences got booked the most. Bode soon moved out to Nevada City, California. He was a Pennsylvania boy in the wild, wild west; skinny dipp’n, playing music, learning hand drums- Afro Cuban rhythms….Yeeee Haaaa.. From there Bode moved up to Central Oregon to raise a family and now grand kids. He considers himself fortunate to have played with some really great musicians in the Northwest – California, Oregon and Idaho– and is thrilled to be playing drums with Shady GroOove for the next chapter of his musical career!


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